Dream Home Solution is your most trusted professional Handyman service provider in George, Western Cape. We care about our clients and their properties. Thus, we uphold the highest quality of service at all times. From property maintenance to building repair services, there is nothing DHS Handyman cannot handle.

Power Spraying

Remove dirt, mold and stains from your property with a high pressure clean. High pressure cleaning is an economical way to make the exterior of your home look new again, and it’s a great way to prepare your home for professional photography or potential buyers. It’ll also eliminate any slippery moss from steps and driveways to avoid any nasty falls.

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Taps can break from too much force. Doors may fall off their hinges. Pipes can get clogged. Windows might crack. In any given property, eventually, something is going to break. Property maintenance is essential in the quest to make sure what breaks doesn’t stay broken.

From gutters and roofs, to doors and floors, DHS will provide you with a quality repair service that you can trust – every time.

Gutter Cleaning

It is important to ensure your gutters are clean all year round. In summer, your gutters can become a fire hazard as they become filled with dry leaves and sticks from overhead trees. And in winter, your guttering can cause flooding within the home as water tips over the gutters and through your internal roofing. Furthermore, a lot of debris and water in your gutters can become heavy and cause damage to the gutters themselves, roofing, downpipes and surrounding structures.

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